Entering into the world of beekeeping as a hobby is a supremely exciting propostion, but it can also be a very dauting one as well. Conflicting advice on almost every nuance of the hobby will come at you from all sides, there are a bewildering range of tools and terms for the beginner to get their head around, whilst mystical hokum and old-wives tales are rife.

“Ask 10 beekeepers a question and you will get at least 11 different answers…”

Somebody, somewhere

In this blog I hope to share some simple facts and advice that I have learnt, to hopefully assist the curious on their journey. I’ll share the ups and downs of my seasons and try to provide a quick reference for all the basic tasks that form the beekeeping year.

Clearly this is a work in progress (and maybe it always will be, such is life) but I hope to keep updating as time goes on so do keep checking back in.